Ethical Charter of the School Tourism

The school trip, training valuable and much-loved ritual of the students, should represent precisely the moment in which theory and practice meet, where the classroom and learning methodologies front give way to experiential non-formal and construction a “tape of memories” richer.

timthumb-2.phpLike all journeys, should in fact be an opportunity or knowledge of the own self, of interaction with each other, deep stimulus to discover the world, as well as practical declination of all the principles that you learn in class. Very often it is not.

So, to address the need to renew the experience of school tourism schools, but also institutions, tour operators and associations have launched a participatory process that led to the creation of an ethical charter of the school tourism.

The Charter was created to be diffused and signed by as many institutions as possible.


Download here the charter in english form > carta_etica_turismo_COSPE_ENG
Download here the charter in spanish form > carta_etica_turismo_COSPE_ESP
Download here the charter in french form > carta_etica_turismo_FRA

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